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Review Series

Since I very rarely blog I have decided that I would like my hand at sort-of reviewing the various gaming and tech books I have been reading. This is both to increase the content of this blog, but also to keep a log of what I have been reading, as well as my thoughts on these books. Hopefully this will also generate discussion so I can further learn about the stuff I have been reading about.

I intend to try to blog about what I have been reading every week. I will try to keep it to discussing what I have read so far, and what I think. I am hoping this will keep me on track with what I am reading, instead of hoping around from book to book so often, which has been my typical mode for technical books for the past year or so.

I will start with a book that I read pieces of online, but have just purchased a physical copy of - Game Programming Patterns. This book is wonderfully free, so feel free to read along if you like!